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Statements from Qurban Hussain regarding Channel 4’s Dispatches and Margaret Moran’s suspension from the Labour Party.

The following two statements were issued by Cllr. Qurban Hussain, Luton South Liberal Democrat PPC.

The first was issued following the broadcast of Channel 4’s Dispatches investigation into Luton South Labour MP Margaret Moran. The second was issued following the announcement that Ms. Moran had been suspended by the Labour Party.

Statement one:

After not being seen in Luton South for a year fellow Luton South residents we have finally seen our MP again. Rather than doing work for us, her constituents and who she is paid to work for, she was busy trying to get work for herself.

After being told she was too ill to work for her constituents we have found out she was well enough to try and make more money for herself while neglecting her constituents at a time when many residents have been struggling to get by.

I have read Gavin Shuker’s response and it is clear he simply doesn’t understand the anger in Luton over this issue. This disgraceful situation isn’t just about her but about the actions of the Labour party as well.

The Luton Labour Party has continued to back her and wish her well, refusing to support local campaigns asking for her resignation.

If her actions were so indefensible, why did they not publically call for her to resign? If they had understood or cared about public anger they would have done so, but they simply didn’t and put party before local residents.

They did exactly the same thing over the recent sacking of a Councillor in our constituency for failing to do her job. They knew she was not doing the work she was paid for, while claiming expenses, but failed to speak out.

Mr Shuker has also, once again, not called for residents to have the right to sack MPs. This should be an absolute right and something I support fully. It would put constituents first and political parties second and is something the Liberal Democrats have long been campaigning for.

The Labour party think that banning her from standing again is ‘tough action’. This ‘tough’ action has allowed for her to claim another year’s salary while not doing the job we pay her to do. The programme revealed she has not voted once since May meaning that the voice of local residents has not been heard since then.

Margaret Moran will collect a £54,000 bonus on election day on top of her £64,000 salary from this year. This isn’t fair, right or defensible.

I am sure the people of Luton South will remember on election day that the Luton Labour party failed to speak up for them and call for Ms. Moran to resign.

Statement two:

Margaret Moran suspended by Labour Party – Too little to late

So, after not working for her constituents for ten months the Labour Party has suspended Margaret Moran.

Far too little and far too late.

This will not stop her getting her payout in six weeks time and this certainly does not make up for for their total lack of concern for Luton South residents for the last ten months. Once again she has caused national outrage and the Labour Party should apologise to every single resident in Luton South.

We have been neglected while the Labour Party protected their own.

If she had done the last honourable thing she could have done for her constituents once the expenses scandal broke then she would have not been in a position to neglect us while trying to make money for herself. The Luton Labour Party should have stood up in support of local residents and called for her to resign, but they never did.

2 comments on “Statements from Qurban Hussain regarding Channel 4’s Dispatches and Margaret Moran’s suspension from the Labour Party.

  1. Clive Peaple on

    Well said and totally justified – now show through our/your policies that you are the person to become MP. Personalities are important but so are actions (as Moran has shown)

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