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Former Luton Labour MP joins the Lib Dems

Luton’s Liberal Democrat candidates Qurban Hussain and Linda Jack have joined Charles Kennedy in welcoming Brian Sedgemore’s decision to join the Liberal Democrats. Mr Sedgemore was Labour MP for Luton West from 1974 to 1979, and for Hackney South & Shoreditch between 1983 and 2005.

Brian Sedgemore visited Luton on Friday 21st April to support Luton Lib Dem candidates Qurban Hussain and Linda Jack.

Charles Kennedy said: “Over the course of the last Parliament Brian Sedgemore has voted with the Liberal Democrats on many of the big issues of the day – not just on Iraq, but also on foundation hospitals, top-up fees and anti-terrorism laws.

“It is therefore not surprising that he finds himself at this election in greater sympathy with Liberal Democrat policies rather than those of Tony Blair’s Labour Party.

“Brian Sedgemore’s message for other people who are considering voting Labour but who are unhappy with the Party’s policies on Iraq, tuition fees and civil liberties is clear. At this election, the only Party which has taken principled stands on these issues is the Liberal Democrats. They should follow their beliefs and vote Liberal Democrat – certain in the knowledge that however they vote, Michael Howard’s Conservatives cannot win this election.”

Brian Sedgemore said: “All the deeply illiberal measures passed by the government were ferociously and heroically opposed by a number of backbench MPs, myself included, as well as by the Liberal Democrats collectively. I urge everyone from the centre and left in British politics to give Blair a bloody nose at the election and to vote for the Liberal Democrats in recognition of the fact that the tawdry New Labour project is dead.

“The Tories have no chance of winning the election so the bogeyman Howard argument is very much an aunt sally, easily put up and even more easily knocked down.”

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