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Big increase in Lib Dem votes in General Election

The General Election results for Luton South and Luton North saw a big increase in votes for the Liberal Democrats. In Luton South, Qurban Hussain got 8,778 votes, which is more than double the number of votes for the Lib Dems at the previous General Election.

Nationally the Liberal Democrats increased their share of the vote and increased the number of Lib Dem MPs elected. Seats were gained from both Labour and the Tories.

In the East of England region the Liberal Democrats gained Cambridge and held Colchester and North Norfolk.

Thank you to everybody who supported the Liberal Democrats in Luton this time. Candidates Qurban Hussain and Linda Jack thank the people of Luton for the warm welcome shown to them during the campaign.

The General Election is over, but local Liberal Democrats are back campaigning on the issues that matter to the people of Luton.

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