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A power station in every home?

“A power station in every home” – that was the call from Luton’s Liberal Democrats at a recent meeting of Luton Borough Council.

A Liberal Democrat motion on sustainable energy and “microgeneration” won the support of councillors from all parties.

The motion asked the council and Luton’s two MPs to support a new approach to renewable energy, as detailed in two parliamentary Bills due to be debated soon. The Bills could result in the widespread development and use of home-grown energy (known as “microgeneration”) together with national and local targets for greenhouse gas emissions.

Introducing the motion, Cllr Andy Strange (Executive member for the Environment) said:

“Think global, act local. Frequently solutions to global problems can be found locally. To tackle the serious problem of global warming, we have to learn to live in a more sustainable way.

“Using microgeneration technology is one way we can do this. It is possible for houses not only to reduce their energy bills but also to generate enough energy to sell back to the national grid.”

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