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Nick Clegg MP attends Eid Rally

Luton Liberal Democrats yesterday held an Eid Rally at the Bath Road Swimming Pool. Over a hundred local residents turned up to listen to speakers, both local and national.

Qurban Hussain, Deputy Leader of Luton Borough Council and the 2005 Liberal Democrat General Election candidate for Luton South opened the meeting, introducing speeches from Liberal Democrat councillors and prospective candidates for next year’s local elections.

The highlight of the meeting was a well received speech from Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Nick Clegg MP. He spoke of how, since 1997, the Labour government had passed countless new laws, stoking a climate of fear in order to impose ever more authoritarian measures. Many of which pose a threat to our civil liberties.

He went on to outline how the Liberal Democrats stand for effective action on crime which does not take away people’s civil liberties.

He also talked about the Liberal Democrats proposed Freedom Bill to sweep away unnecessary laws.

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