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Recycling a Success with the Lib Dems

In 2003 the local Liberal Democrats pledged to double recycling in Luton over the 4 years of a Council. We are now delighted that this target has been reached with almost a year to spare.

In 2002/3 recycling stood at a mere 14.9% of refuse collected in Luton. It has now doubled to 29.71%.

This has been achieved by concentrating on the basics of council services like improving refuse collection, street cleaning and refurbishing and opening new Tidy Tips. Above all though, this has been achieved by the efforts of residents who have made sure that their waste is placed in the proper bin – thank you!

During this period we have also achieved the rolling out of green and brown bins across the town. Following this success our new target is to increase recycling to 40% thus reducing the Landfill Tax we have to pay.

This should also help us achieve our second target of halving the rate of Council Tax increases imposed by the previous Labour Council.

As well as recycling we are also committed to maintaining weekly bin collections in Luton – unlike Conservative controlled South Beds District Council which has outraged residents with its decision to introduce fortnightly collections.

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