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Warnings Issued to Two Luton Night Clubs, “Fly-posted advertising will not be tolerated,” says Council leader.

Two local nightclubs have received strongly worded letters from a Council solicitor warning that they will be prosecuted if they allow further illegal fly-post advertising for events at their clubs.

“Fly-posting is ugly,” says Liberal Democrat Council leader David Franks.

“It gives the impression that Luton residents don’t care how tatty and neglected their town looks and I know for certain that is not the case. The comments people make to me prove they have noticed how much cleaner the town is and that they appreciate the efforts we have made to achieve that improvement. There has been very little fly-posting around the town since we stepped up action against offenders but recently two clubs seem to have resumed this illegal method of advertising their events. It will not be tolerated and we will prosecute if they continue. Clubs are legitimate businesses and they should pay for legitimate advertising. We will not allow them to get away with messing up the town just so they can get some cheap publicity.”

Councillor Franks refused to name the two clubs saying that he hoped they would take the warning seriously and amend their ways but he did state that clubs would be ‘named and shamed’ if they continued. “Obviously if we prosecute then the details will automatically become public,” he said.

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