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Liberal Democrats’ Budget passed by Council

This Wednesday at a full meeting of Luton Borough Council the Liberal Democrats budget proposals for the coming year were endorsed.

Presenting the Council budget proposals for 2007-08 Liberal Democrat leader of the council David Franks said that in following government policy the council had to constantly pursue efficiencies.

“We have to keep on finding better ways to do things in order to make sure the vital services on which Luton residents rely can still be delivered.”, he said.

“To cover the £6M extra the Council must spend in the next financial year we have been able to save Council Tax payers £3.2M in increased efficiencies. That is better ways of working which do not affect council services.”

“Over the last four years we have managed a massive re-focusing of the budget into vital care services without resorting to huge Council Tax increases. The average increase in the last three years of the Labour administration was 9% whilst the average for the years the Liberal Democrats have run the Council has been 4.7%. This budget proposes a 4.8% increase. More than we would like, but in the face of constant cuts in government grants which account for 75% of the Council’s income we are pleased to have been able to keep it so low. Compare the levels of Council Tax in Luton with those of neighbouring areas all of which are Tory controlled.”

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