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Parking Problems Near Infant, Junior & Primary Schools

Liberal Democrat councillors are only too aware of the problems suffered by residents who live near Infants, Junior and Primary schools at school start and finish times. Inconsiderate parking by parents dropping off children can be dangerous. It can prevent emergency vehicles getting through and in a few cases the chaos has resulted in serious injuries to children.

If there was a simple answer we would have found it and implemented it years ago.

The problem is common to most Infants, Junior and Primary schools not just in Luton but in most towns and villages. However, in Luton we may at last be on the way to at least some easing of the situation, no promises but there is hope.

We have had many weeks of discussion with the local Police and they are now re-organising the way they work so each part of the town will have a sergeant assisted by constables and Police Community Support Officers based in and dedicated to work in the area. The Council has appointed Area Community Safety Officers to work with the Police teams.

Working over time the new teams have a real chance to be effective and we will begin to see an improvement in policing generally. Naturally we expect that being dedicated to the area they will have some time to deal with these kind of school parking issues where police have previously said they did not have the time.

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