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A New Town Centre by 2010!

Four years ago the Liberal Democrats promised to start the regeneration of the town centre. Many eyesores have already been demolished and, with the completion of the new St. George’s Square, three new projects are about to commence.

In September, work will start on building the extension to the Arndale Centre next to St. George’s Square.

For years the area around the bus station has been regarded as a disgrace to the town. It is the first view of Luton for many visitors – no wonder people had such a poor impression of the town! Funding has at last been secured to rebuild the bus station and complete the ring road around Midland Road. The work is scheduled for 2008 and when completed we will really be able to say, “Welcome to Luton!”

Finally, the owners of Power Court are submitting their final detailed planning application to turn the area into an upmarket shopping and residential area.

For years Labour neglected the town centre, but by 2010, thanks to the hard work of the Liberal Democrat administration, Luton will have been transformed.

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