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Qurban Hussain Backs Lib Dem Opposition to Military Attack on Iran

Luton councillor Qurban Hussain was in Harrogate this Sunday to back the Liberal Democrats opposition to a military attack on Iran.

Speaking in the debate at the Party’s Spring Conference he spoke strongly in favour of the Lib Dem position outlined in a motion that urged the government to:

  • Make clear in public that the UK will not support a US military attack on Iran.

  • Pursue diplomatic dialogue with a view to ensuring that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.

  • Work with the United States, the European Union and others towards giving Iran adequate guarantees for its security, including serious negotiation to implement UN Security Council resolutions that have called for a zone free from weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East.

  • Ensure Iran is invited to participate in collective international efforts to bring peace and stability to Iraq, as the Iraq Study Group report proposed.

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