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Four Years On. So How Have we Done?

It’s hard to remember now but four years ago Luton was a very different place. The streets were strewn with rubbish, graffiti and fly posters were everywhere and there were abandoned cars around every corner. Our parks were tatty and unkempt and the town centre had been left to decay.

Liberal Democrats have cleaned up Luton’s streets. Every road in the town is now on a regular street cleaning round and many streets now receive regular ‘deep cleans’.

Liberal Democrats have doubled recycling. Four years ago only 14% of household waste was recycled. We have beaten the target we set for ourselves and now recycle 31% of all household waste. The next target is to be recycling 40% by the end of 2008.

Liberal Democrats have improved Wardown and Brantwood Parks, both of which have been awarded Green Flag awards. Improvements to many other parks are planned.

Liberal Democrats have put more council resources aside for the care of the elderly and vulnerable, increasing the budget by 54% in four years.

Liberal Democrat leadership has secured significant funding and external investment for a wholesale regeneration of the town. The new St. George’s Square is already complete and by 2010 the whole of the town centre will have been transformed, with a brand new station area and the rebuilding of Power Court.

Liberal Democrats have kept annual rises in Council Tax as low as possible. The average over the last four years was just 4.7%, compared to the 9% average rises under the final years of Labour rule.

Liberal Democrats in Luton are passionate about improving our town. On Friday morning Luton will wake up to either a Labour or Liberal Democrat administration. If you share our vision for the town then please use your votes on Thursday 3rd May to elect our candidates.

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