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Better outcomes for children are confirmed

A Performance Plan agreed by Luton Borough Council this week showed officially the scale of improvement in Children’s Services and Luton Education results over the four-year period of the Liberal Democrat Administration.

The Best Value Performance Plan lists key “performance indicators” that are monitored by the Audit Commission. While some of these change every so often, a direct comparison of results in key areas from 2002/3 and 2006/7 showed improvement at every level.

  • Significantly more pupils achieved good grades in their GCSE exams – including “looked after” children.

  • At Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, the number of pupils who achieved the expected standard rose dramatically in English, Maths and Science.

  • Pupil absences (school days lost) reduced in Primary and Secondary schools.

  • Special Needs statements, where required, are prepared more quickly.

  • EVERY child in care had their needs reviewed at least once a year, every year. Five years ago, this did not happen for one in four children.

  • Adoptions of children in care, giving them more stability, rose by two-thirds.

Councillor Lawrence Patterson, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Children’s Services and the Portfolio Holder during the four years they ran the Council, said:

“It’s pleasing to see the hard work that we as a Council, and everyone who has been involved in our Schools and in caring for our young people has put in, paying off in results and being properly recognised. Education in Luton is on the up, care for those young people who need it is better, and we should trumpet these facts as part of promoting Luton as a good place for children and families to be.”

“Initiatives we introduced such as putting family workers into Schools ; Incentive grants to recruit inspirational school leaders ; a strengthened School Improvement team ; the Campus Luton project ; refocusing our Youth work ; and gaining sponsorship from Barnfield College to develop two Academies in Luton – all of these look set to deliver further improvements in the years ahead.”

“I’m proud of the turnaround achieved in services to children and young people in the four years we ran the Council, and I hope that progress now continues.”

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