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Democracy Luton style

“Now that they have gained control over the council Labour are determined to hold onto every Chair of the Scrutiny Committees. This means that the only party who now monitors and challenges Labour’s decisions is well – Labour! Welcome to Luton’s new democracy.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Michael Dolling is fuming after having his proposal that Scrutiny chairs should be taken by opposition LibDem and Conservative councillors firmly rejected by the Council’s Labour dominated Scrutiny Board at its meeting on Thursday (28th June).

“They are trying to shut down all debate and scrutiny of their actions. Labour have clearly started as they mean to go on. They cannot stand openness, debate, criticism, or to be straight with the public. The result is that we will now

see Chairs of key Committees like Finance and Audit doing everything possible to keep things under wraps.”

“If they think this will stop Liberal Democrats probing and asking questions they are making a big mistake. The more they try to cloak the council’s business in secrecy the more vigilant we will need to be to ensure local residents know what is being done in their name.”

“This is ‘control freakery’ gone mad. Have they not heard of Gordon Brown’s new ‘inclusive’ approach to government? Whether he is sincere about it remains to be seen, but he is at least trying to look as though he wants to include talent and skills from across the political and business spectrum in the government’s decision making process. In Luton it seems Labour councillors think they already know it all.”

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