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Had a letter from your MP lately?

Luton South Labour MP, Margaret Moran, spent £11,820 of taxpayers’ money on postage in the 12 months to March 2007 according to figures just released

“Do we really want our MP to spend almost £12,000 of our tax money writing letters to us all telling us how wonderful she is?” asks Liberal Democrat leader, councillor David Franks.

“I suspect most people could find better ways for their hard earned cash to be spent. On top of this of course is the £4,000 cost of government stationery.”

“Ms Moran also claimed just £1 below the maximum allowed for the costs of staying away from home. The rules allow up to £22,110 and she claimed £22,109. Is this to help her pay for her expensive flat in central London? Her house in Spain? Or for the house she occasionally uses in Luton?”

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