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Liberal Democrats re-select Deputy Council Group Leader for Luton South

Liberal Democrat members in the Luton South constituency met on the evening of Tuesday 4th December and voted by an overwhelming majority to back Council Group Deputy Leader Councillor Qurban Hussain as their Parliamentary Spokesman and Prospective Candidate.

Councillor Qurban Hussain told the selection meeting, “We out-polled Labour in this year’s local elections and we can do it again whenever Gordon Brown has the courage to call a general election”.

“In the Council elections last May, which ever way you count the votes, we were supported by more Luton South residents than Labour and the Tories trailed miles behind.”

“We can do it again whenever Gordon Brown has the courage to call a general election.”

“Everywhere I go around the town Luton people tell me they are fed up of being continually let down by the Labour government and they do not trust the constant spin coming from Dave Cameron’s “new” Tory Party. They’re fed up with their sons and daughters being lumbered with huge debts to pay tuition fees, fed up with the continual lies over the Iraq war and let down by the way Labour has failed our Health Service.”

Congratulating Qurban on his selection Councillor Michael Dolling, local party chair, told the meeting he was looking forward to continuing to work closely with Qurban. “In the last general election we reduced Labour’s majority by 5,000, doubled the Liberal Democrat vote and proved to Luton South residents we can win here.”

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