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“Claim Your Money Back,” Liberal Democrat councillor tells Bus Lane users

The previous Liberal Democrat administration at the Town Hall could see that there was no sense at all in keeping bus lanes exclusively for use by buses at times when there were no buses running. In November 2006 they took the sensible decision to open up most of Luton’s bus lanes to all traffic from 7pm to 7am.

As soon as they took, over the new Labour administration issued instructions that the change should be put on hold. Now, 9 months later, they have agreed, at the executive meeting on Monday 7th January, to allow it to go ahead.

“I recommend anyone who has paid a fixed penalty notice in the last 9 months for driving in one of these bus lanes between 7pm and 7am should claim their money back from Councillor Worlding.” says Liberal Democrat councillor David Franks.

“A total of 97 people, who would not otherwise have had to pay, were given fixed penalty notices for driving in Luton’s bus lanes during the delay in changing the regulations caused by the Labour Council’s dithering”

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