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Incidents of wilful damage in Biscot area

Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Councillor Qurban Hussain has condemned the series of incidents which took place in the recent days in Biscot area, as a result of which some private houses were subject to wilful damage.

Cllr Hussain, who has visited some of the victims of these incidents and offered his support to them, said :

“Luton in general and the Biscot area in particular has always enjoyed harmony and brotherhood, and we will not allow any criminal to steal this from us. The whole local community condemns these criminal activities and would like the criminals to be brought to justice.”

Cllr Hussain urged the police to step up security in the area and bring the culprits to justice. He also asked local people to be more vigilant and get in touch with him or the local police if they have any information about these incidents.

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