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Labour Council Gave Go-Ahead for ‘Hideous’ New Phone Boxes

With Luton’s street scene already in need of improvement the Labour Council has given the go-ahead for the installation of huge advertising phone boxes to replace the old ones in George Street. Liberal Democrat opposition leader, councillor David Franks, has described them as monstrous.

“What message do these vulgar edifices give to residents and visitors about a Luton trying to improve its image? They are monstrous” says Cllr Franks.

“No-one can really believe they add anything to the quality of our main shopping street. I thought all parties on the Council agreed we needed to keep up the pressure for quality developments and be prepared to fight hard against cheap, vulgar and hideous money grabbing tat like this. They will set us back years. All the good work that is going on to improve the image of our town will be completely wasted if people are allowed to get away with dumping this kind of rubbish on our streets.”

“If they can’t be trusted to deal with so called ‘minor’ planning applications like this, how can we trust Labour councillors to get the very best for Luton out of the major schemes expected to come forward soon? When we’re struggling to improve the town’s image, attention to detail is vital.”

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