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Leading Local LibDem Speaks Out as Luton & Beds Police Cheated Out of Independent Pay Panel Award

As 170 Luton & Bedfordshire off duty police officers joined the estimated 20,000 who marched in London on Wednesday to protest at the government capping of their pay award, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Luton South – councillor Qurban Hussain – joined a number of prominent Liberal Democrats in calling on the Home secretary to change her mind and honour the independent panel’s award.

“The Government could backdate the full 2.5% pay rise for less than half the money they have already poured into the unworkable Identity Cards scheme,” said Qurban Hussain.

“This is a matter of the basic covenant between the police and the state. Every officer in Luton, Bedfordshire and the rest of the country has been treated with contempt by the Government. The police deserve their pay rise in full, today.”

“I am proud that leading members of my party are prepared to speak out openly and loudly in support of our police officers. LibDem Party Leader Nick Clegg MP questioned the logic of having an independent review if ministers are going to ignore it and he was absolutely correct. It was also good to see Liberal Democrat London Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick, a former Met Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner, take part in the march.”

“I hope that both of Luton’s MPs will publically back the local police on this issue and will personally lobby the Home Secretary.”

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