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Liberal Democrats Hit Out at ‘East of Luton’ 4,000 Homes Plan

Proposals to build new houses to the East of Luton have been condemned by Liberal Democrat Luton South Parliamentary Spokesman, Qurban Hussain.

“This proposal promises so many problems for existing East Luton residents it is difficult to understand why it has come forward at this time” says Qurban Hussain.

Cllr Hussain is particularly concerned about the road access to the site. The developers say they see it as an extension to Luton and the obvious access points are Hitchin Road, Putteridge Road, Hayling Drive, Crawley Green Road and Eaton Green Road. Roads that could never cope with another 4,000 families trying to get to work, shop, school or other local services.

“There would obviously have to be new schools, a health centre if we are lucky and a few local shops in the new built up area, but surely not employment, education and everything else to sustain a population of around 10,000 adults and children.

“How on earth are all these people going to get into Luton in the morning rush hour and home again in the evening? This journey is fraught enough for Stopsley and Wigmore residents now. If they say there is to be a new road then where are they planning to put it?” says Qurban Hussain.

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