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Labour Council Backs Away From Swimming Pool Pledge

Speaking at Luton Council’s budget meeting on Wednesday (20th February) Liberal Democrat councillor Sid Rutstein proposed the setting up of a dedicated Swimming Pool Fund to kick start the process leading to the 50 metre pool promised by Labour.

“By a simple switch in the budget we could have put almost £1M into a dedicated fund. The amendment I proposed at the meeting would have given a clear signal that the Council is serious about building a new pool to replace the crumbling Bath Road centre.”

“For reasons which they completely failed to explain, Labour councillors voted down my suggestion. They could not have made their position more clear. Labour obviously has no intention of delivering on their election promise.”

Labour promised during the Council elections last year: “We will build a 50 metre swimming pool in time for our swimmers to train for the Olympics.” This is a direct quote from their election leaflets.

“Labour’s election pledge has been exposed for what is was – an unscrupulous promise to harvest a few votes. A promise they never had any intention of keeping.” says Cllr Rutstein.

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