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MP Moran Saves Taxpayers £1

Whilst the rows continue in the press and elsewhere over MPs expenses Liberal Democrat deputy leader, councillor Qurban Hussain, has asked Luton South Labour MP, Ms Moran, why she needed to claim £22,109 ‘staying away from home allowance’ and what she has spent it on.

According to the latest published figures of MPs expenses Ms Moran claimed just £1 below the maximum allowed for the costs of staying away from home. The rules allow up to £22,110 and she claimed £22,109.

“There are plenty of questions and I think her constituents are entitled to some answers,” says Qurban Hussain.

“Is this to help her pay for her expensive flat in central London? Her house in Spain? Or for the house she occasionally uses in Luton?”

“Luton is only 30 minutes on a train from central London, is that too far for her to travel? Plenty of Luton residents do it all the time.”

“If Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins can manage on less than one tenth of what she claims then why can’t she?”

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