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“Conference a success” say Luton Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats in Luton have returned from their spring conference in Liverpool in an upbeat mood. The conference, which meets twice a year, had a record number of people attending it.

“Liberal Democrats had a successful conference,” said Liberal Democrat Luton South Parliamentary Spokesman, Qurban Hussain. “We had important debates about putting people back in control of the NHS and ensuring there are enough affordable homes for all who need them.

“Vince Cable MP, our Shadow Chancellor gave an excellent speech which highlighted just how unfair the tax system had become under Labour, with too many people on low and middle income paying too much tax.

“And Party Leader Nick Clegg MP really hit the nail on the head when he said that we need a ‘new type of politics’ to clean up Parliament.

“Many people in Luton feel that Parliament is too remote and out of touch. So I was very pleased to hear Nick Clegg talk about Liberal Democrat demands for big reforms to the way government works.

“Nick’s plan to allow the people to sack their MP if they abuse their position or expenses is a great one and I hope that it is put into action soon.

“Now that we are back from conference, we are stepping up our campaigning here in Luton. We are taking Nick’s message of change to local people and we are getting a good response.”

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