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Council Row over ‘Mad’ New Road Decision

Luton’s Labour Council has decided on the route for the completion of the Inner Ring Road and Liberal Democrat councillors say the result will be a disaster for drivers using the ring road and for people living in the Crawley Green/Wigmore area who use Crawley Green Road to get into the town centre.

Liberal Democrat councillor David Franks says, “the town centre end of Crawley Green Road is totally incapable of dealing with the morning rush hour traffic now, the traffic queues go way back up the hill. The new road will bring a huge increase in traffic at the Crawley Green/Crescent Road junction and during peak periods traffic queues in both directions will be massive.”

The decision has been ‘called-in’ by Liberal Democrat councillors and will now be presented to the East Luton Area Committee on Thursday (27th March) at 8pm in Someries Junior School, Wigmore Lane and considered by the Council’s Environment Scrutiny Committee at 6pm on Thursday evening 3rd April at the Town Hall. “We have insisted it is fully presented at the East Luton Area Committee on 27th March,” says David Franks. “This plan will have a devastating effect and we really need to encourage local residents to come to the Area Committee meeting to see what is proposed.”

“The official Council report on which they based their decision gave a long list of reasons why the ‘Green’ route is better and they chose the ‘Red’ route because it is cheaper. It won’t work, it will be a disaster.”

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