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Margaret Moran votes for post office closures

Liberal Democrats in Luton have accused Luton South MP, Margaret Moran, of failing to support local services after she voted to support the Government’s massive post office closure programme.

The government programme aims to close a fifth of the Post Office branches nationwide and no area will escape closures. Opposition MPs tried last Wednesday (19th March) to stop the closure programme when a motion was proposed in the House of Commons demanding the Government halt their plans to make 2,500 branches shut up shop.

But enough Labour MPs rallied around the Government’s closure plans to reject the motion and ensure the closure programme can continue unhindered. One of those voting to close post offices was Luton South MP Margaret Moran.

Disappointed local Liberal Democrat campaigners are calling on Ms Moran to explain why she voted to close post offices.

“The loss of post offices will hit communities hard in Luton,” said Liberal Democrat Luton South Parliamentary spokesman councillor Qurban Hussain. “They are vital assets for many local people and closing them will cause many difficulties for older people and others with mobility problems, in particular.”

“Liberal Democrats will continue to fight the demolition of the post office network.”

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