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A lot of hot air – but where is the action?

There was a huge amount of hot air at the Council meeting this Tuesday (1 April 2008) when the new ‘eco’ consultants, appointed by the Labour administration at considerable expense, gave a presentation to councillors on “eco footprinting”.

In the Council Chamber, almost reaching sauna temperatures due to the “always on” central heating system in the Town Hall, the consultant outlined the threat the world faces from climate change – but said next to nothing about the practical measures that Luton Borough Council can as a local authority take to contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

Said Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson, Cllr Andy Strange;

“It was pathetic. We should all by now be aware of the threat we face from climate change.”

“Rather then being told that we have a problem, these consultants should be telling us what action we should be taking to play our part in fixing it.”

“Under the Liberal Democrats the Council signed up[ to the Nottingham Declaration and started developing an action plan for Luton. Under the Labour administration this process seems to have stalled.”

“They need to stop gassing – and start doing!”

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