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No New Swimming Pool at Bath Road – Council Owned Site up For Sale

A decision taken by Luton’s Labour Council this week has killed off for all time any prospect of a new swimming pool being built at Bath Road.

Most of the people who responded to the Council’s consultation over possible sites said Bath Road was best and wanted a new pool built on the site of the former open air pool behind the current indoor one. Bath Road was the site preferred by 71% of people in the consultation exercise.

“Now that dream has been killed for ever as the Labour Council has decided to sell the site.” says Liberal Democrat leader of the Opposition, David Franks

“It becomes more clear every day they have no idea where they want to build a new pool, no detailed plans to pay for it and no hope of keeping their election promise to have a 50 metre pool open in time for training for Olympic swimmers.”

“Even worse, in case it proved impossible to build the new pool at Bath Road, the proceeds of any possible sale of the site were ring-fenced in the Council’s budget to go towards a new pool somewhere else in the town. They have now announced that the ring-fencing has been cancelled and the money they get from the sale will not be used to help pay for a new indoor pool.”

“The many people who use the dilapidated facilities at Bath Road will really feel let down with the Labour election promise looking more and more like a vote catching gimmick than a pledge they intended to keep.”

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