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Pool Site Selloff To Be Challenged

The decision by the Labour Executive running Luton Council to go ahead with a freehold sale of a site at Bath Road which would mean no new Swimming Pool could ever be built at Bath Road is to be challenged at a meeting on Wednesday 14th May, 6pm, at Luton Town Hall.

Martin Pantling, the Liberal Democrat chair of a committee responsible for looking at Assets (property) issues, has added the issue to the agenda so the facts behind the decision can be considered, questions asked, and a view given to Labour bosses.

Labour have already made a decision preventing the pool being built at Addington Way and are now trying to rule out Bath Road – but so far refuse to say where they do want it.

Liberal Democrat councillor Martin Pantling comments: “There are key questions that have not been answered here, which any thinking person should be asking themselves.”

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