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Post Offices Campaign Steps Up a Gear – Council Forced into Action

A meeting of Luton Council on Tuesday (22nd July) agreed a Lib Dem call for petitions against Post Office closures to be made available for signature by visitors to the Town Hall. The Labour leader acknowledged that all political parties said they were keen to save the Atherstone Road, Biscot Road, Hightown Road, Seymour Road and Trinity Road Post Offices. She then said she would not agree to set up a small all-party working group to quickly explore ways to make the campaign more effective.

“It’s great they have agreed to our Town Hall petition idea,” said Liberal Democrat councillor Qurban Hussain.

“But I am really disappointed they refused to work together with the other political parties, refused to consider alternative ways of providing the Post Office services and refused to pick up new ideas by looking at what other local authorities facing closures are doing. Liberal Democrats still think it would be sensible to look at how others are dealing with the problem. People in other areas may well be using effective campaigning ideas Luton Council could borrow.”

“Post Offices are not just businesses, they are vital local facilities that provide a lifeline and a social centre for so many of the vulnerable and less well off residents.”

“At least Labour Councillors didn’t take the stance of their Luton South MP who voted in Parliament for the closure programme to continue. We will now focus our efforts on the Petition and in making the best case we can that these valuable community branches should not close.”

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