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MP Moran calls for closure of Culverhouse Road Post Office

Luton South Labour MP Margaret Moran has got herself in hot water again by calling at a public meeting for the closure of Culverhouse Road Post Office.

Responding to a Biscot area resident who claimed that since the Biscot Road Post office had better facilities the Culverhouse Road one should close instead, Ms Moran said “I agree with every word he said.”

The meeting was held at the Park Square campus of University of Bedfordshire at 6pm on Wednesday 6th August and was attended by local residents and Post Office representatives.

Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Councillor Qurban Hussain who was at the meeting, slammed the MP for trying to shift the problem onto the patch of her Luton North colleague Kelvin Hopkins.

“As far as Liberal Democrats are concerned, the whole point of the Post Offices campaign is to stop all closures not to shift the problem to different parts of the town.”

“Culverhouse Road Post Office is only just in the Luton North constituency, so close to the boundary it is used by hundreds of Luton South residents who live in the Biscot area.”

“The whole meeting was a bit of a sham. With the Hightown area up in arms about the loss of their Post Office Ms Moran would not even allow the Labour Councillor for the area to have her say. Then to go on and call for Culverhouse Road to close instead of Biscot Road is disgraceful.”

“Of course there would be no need to close any Post Offices if the government stopped wasting hundreds of millions of pounds on the Iraq war and on their National Identity Card database to allow them to spy on the population.”

“They have been systematically removing business from our Post Offices to undermine their viability. You can no longer buy a TV licence at the Post Office and the pensions Card Account looks likely to be taken away from local Post Offices as well.”

“All of this supported by Ms Moran. Add in the fact that she actually voted in Parliament for the government closure programme to continue and you really don’t know where you stand with her.”

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