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Another cloak of secrecy descends on Luton Council

Luton’s Labour led Council looks set to scrap the committee which keeps an eye on how the Executive manages the Council’s finances. Opposition Liberal Democrat councillors claim the shocking plans to abolish the Council’s Performance, Resources & Assets Scrutiny Committee will stifle any attempt to monitor their performance or keep tabs on the Council’s finances.

“Since Labour took over in May last year the Council is spending more money than ever, this is no time to start hiding the facts and cloaking the finances in secrecy,” says Liberal Democrat leader David Franks.

“The £20M dual carriageway from junction ten to the airport is almost a year late and £2M over budget, the Translink £78M budget is looking inadequate and they keep on reducing the scheme. They are embarking on a £230M schools rebuilding programme, still hope to build a new 50 metre swimming pool and have multi-million pound plans for the town centre. It is seriously worrying that Labour now wants to deliberately make it more difficult for anyone outside their ruling elite to keep tabs on the spending.”

“Labour councillors clearly do not have confidence in their own ability to manage the critical finances of the Council. There can be no other reason for the scandalous decision to abolish the only body dedicated to monitoring crucial financial performance.”

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