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Liberal Democrats propose Economic Recovery Plan

Gordon Brown’s proposals to deal with the economic slowdown are too little too late, say Luton Liberal Democrats.

The party has published its own package of proposals designed to help people left struggling by the credit crunch. And the plans are being strongly backed by members in Luton.

The Liberal Democrat measures include tax cuts for low and middle income households, stopping unnecessary repossessions, action to cut energy bills and moves to stop reckless banks jeopardising economic security.

Luton South parliamentary spokesperson, Cllr Qurban Hussain, said:

“Gordon Brown’s response to the economic crisis has been too little, too late.”

“Here in Luton and across Britain people are struggling with rising bills, rising prices, and wages that aren’t keeping up.”

“If the Prime Minister really wants to help people on low and middle incomes he should take the simple and obvious step of cutting their taxes, releasing billions of pounds to boost the economy.”

“The Liberal Democrats have consistently called for action to cut energy bills, stop irresponsible behaviour by banks and deliver more help for those threatened with repossession. If Gordon Brown had acted when we first raised these issues we would not be in as deep a mess as we are.”

Key points of the Lib Dem Fairer Future Economic Recovery Plan:

  • Put more money in people’s pockets – tax cuts for people on low and middle incomes

  • Stop unnecessary home repossessions and provide more affordable housing

  • Make energy companies reinvest their windfall profits in cutting bills

  • Extra help for people in debt or who lose their jobs

  • Tough new rules to limit the excesses of the City

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