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Liberal Democrat deputy leader slams local MPs for voting against substantial tax cuts for low paid

Councillor Qurban Hussain, Deputy Leader of Luton Liberal Democrats and the party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South, has slammed both of Luton’s Labour MPs for voting against what he calls the only sensible proposal to avoid a major financial slump to come before the House of Commons.

“Whilst the government dithers and Tory MPs keep changing their minds, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Vince Cable has come up with real proposals to start rebuilding confidence in the British economy,” he told a meeting of Liberal Democrat councillors this week.

“Substantial tax cuts for lower paid people will help boost spending and can be paid for by closing tax loopholes enjoyed only by the rich. Vince Cable was the first to suggest nationalising Northern Rock, first to advocate setting the Bank of England free to set interest rates, first propose re-capitalisation of the troubled banks. All of these policies, now accepted by the government.”

“Our two MPs should be ashamed of themselves for voting against Vince Cable’s motion in the House of Commons. They sit back and watch as the Labour government talks about tough measures to deal with the banks’ bonus culture but does not act and says it is looking at plans to reduce home repossessions but has done nothing.”

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