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Swimming Pool Feasibility Study gives room for a very cautious optimism

As Luton Borough Council’s Labour leaders launch their swimming pool plans Liberal Democrat opposition councillors say the long awaited feasibility study does not answer critical financial questions.

“A new 50 metre swimming pool could bring major benefits for the town,” says Lib Dem leader councillor David Franks. “I really do hope they manage to make this happen but the finances are far from certain.”

“They are proposing to fiddle the Council’s borrowing rules so they can borrow an extra £25M for the project and we will not know whether this is a sensible move until we see the details.”

“Labour election promise last year was to build a new 50 metre swimming pool in time for our swimmers to train for the Olympics. Even if they do get the finances together they will definitely miss that target.”

“The other big hole in the plan is their failure to consult. They have talked to some important swimming clubs but most of the town’s pool users are the elderly and the young. Ordinary users have not been asked for their views at all.”

“The plan includes the closure of Putteridge pool and sports centre. This is right next door to the High School. No-one has asked the school management, staff, pupils and parents what they think about this.”

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