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New Jobs & Warm Homes – not just 20p off your Christmas Presents

Liberal Democrats in Luton have given their backing to plans for investment in green schemes that will make homes warmer, cut energy bills and improve public transport. The plans, called Green Road out of Recession, were announced on 18th December by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP.

The plans will cost £12.5bn, paid for by scrapping the 2.5% VAT cut which people know will have zero effect in the battle against recession. The vast majority of this money could be spent immediately, making a real impact on the economy and people’s lives right away.

Green Road out of the Recession proposals include:

  • A five-year programme to insulate every school and hospital, with 20% completed in the first year

  • Funding insulation and energy efficiency for a million homes, with a £1,000 subsidy for a million more

  • Building 40,000 extra zero-carbon social houses

  • Buying 700 new train carriages

  • Electrifying the Midland Mainline the whole way from London to Luton to Sheffield.

  • Installing energy and money saving smart meters in every home within five years

“The plans proposed by Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats will give an immediate boost to the economy here in Luton,” said Liberal Democrat councillor Lawrence Patterson. “And insulating people’s homes will help thousands of residents whose heating bills have literally gone through the roof.”

“Whilst Labour and Tories are quietly dropping serious interest in tackling climate change and the environment, Liberal Democrats believe that moving forward with green action on homes and transport will create jobs, cut energy bills, put money back into people’s pockets and protect the environment.”

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