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Water feature for St Georges Square

Luton Borough Council is to install a water feature in St Georges Square within the next three months according to Liberal Democrat Councillor Lawrence Patterson.

He says that the addition of this new feature is only made possible by the foresight of the former Liberal Democrat administration in providing the services under the Square as part of the original construction.

“Of course the Labour Group on the Council consistently opposed the construction of St Georges Square. They repeatedly said they liked the Square as it was – even describing it as ‘quirky’. They objected to 28 poor trees being removed, but had nothing to say about 40 better trees replacing them. They said the stone would get dirty and would be impossible to clean. They were even reluctant to acknowledge that the new Square actually won five national awards!” said Councillor Patterson.

“So a change of heart by the Labour Group on the Council is definitely to be welcomed. It is hoped that children and their parents from across the town will enjoy this addition.” he said.

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