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87% Pay Increase for Council Leader

Luton Borough Council’s Labour leader looks set for a whopping 87.5% pay rise, an increase from the current £12,000 a year to £22,500, if a recommendation to be debated at a Full Council meeting on 20th January is accepted.

Liberal Democrat Opposition Leader David Franks, who would get a 25% rise under the plan, says the huge rise cannot be justified.

“There has been no increase for eight years so the 25% almost all other members would receive works out at less than 3% a year. But at a time when hard pressed families need to watch every penny they spend, when people are losing their jobs and their homes, the 87.5% rise for the Council Leader is impossible to justify.”

“The recommendation also includes a near 50% increase for the other nine members of her ruling elite Executive Members. It will be interesting to see how they try to justify that level of pay rise in these trying financial times.”

Councillor’s allowances are intended to cover the routine day to day costs of being an elected Councillor like postage and phone calls. The allowances were last increased in April 2001.

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