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MyPad/YourPad lettings agency – New questions raised thanks to BBC Three Counties Radio

Liberal Democrat opposition leader on Luton Council, David Franks, was surprised this morning to hear local landlords on the BBC Three Counties Radio saying that months before the collapse of the lettings agency they had advised the Council that rent payments were not being passed on and that YourPad had admitted serious financial difficulties. Some said they had asked the Council to pay them direct.

“This is all news to me,” said councillor David Franks. “In none of the briefings I have been given was I told that landlords had asked for direct payment because of known financial problems in the agency. A number of questions have now been asked and I await the answers with considerable interest. I have asked whether landlords did inform Luton Council and whether any of them asked for direct payments bypassing the agency. We also need to know whether YourPad continued to receive rent payments from the Council after it was known they were not being passed on.”

“Some lettings agencies are members of trade associations which operate guarantee schemes and there are certainly questions around whether the Council should be looking for this safeguard before appointing agencies.”

“Meanwhile, I would like to hear from local landlords who can provide evidence of what they told the Council and when. They can contact me at

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