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Liberal Democrat call answered – Committee will investigate massive road project delay

At a meeting of Luton Council’s Performance Resources & Assets Scrutiny Committee on Thursday (26th February) Liberal Democrat councillors called for an investigation into the late completion of the £20M East Luton Corridor improvement scheme which has caused havoc and inconvenience in the eastern part of the town for the last two years. After the meeting Liberal Democrat councillors said they were delighted the committee had agreed to their call for a full investigation.

“We need some answers,” says David Franks, Liberal Democrat leader on Luton Council. “The new road was due to be completely open by December 2007 and I have had a huge number of perfectly justified grumbles and complaints from residents about the chaos caused by the delays. For several months there was no work going on at all. I suspect it will be some months before we get to the bottom of this but we are determined to find out exactly what has gone wrong.”

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