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Rochdale MP visits Luton. – Support for Luton Liberal Democrats’ stand against dangerous extremists

The Liberal Democrat MP for Rochdale came to Luton on Sunday 15th March to say thank you to a gathering of more than 100 Liberal Democrat supporters for their strong stand against the tiny minority of militants who tried to disrupt the Royal Anglian Regiment’s welcome home march in Luton last week.

Paul Rowan MP told the meeting at the Quality Hotel “I am proud to stand beside people like Qurban Hussain and his Luton Liberal Democrat colleagues who are prepared to speak for the vast majority of Luton residents of all faiths and none who were horrified at the outrageous behaviour of this tiny minority whose only aim is to divide Luton people into warring factions. They must not be allowed to succeed.”

Councillor Qurban Hussain, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Luton South said, “We totally condemn the violence of this completely isolated and unsupported minority. In a mature democracy like ours protest may be passionate but should be totally non violent and not against the troops who performed their duties bravely and faithfully acting under orders given by their political masters.”

“We share the anger of those outraged by the suffering, particularly that caused by the illegal war in Iraq, but it is clear the anger should be directed in peaceful protest against the Labour and Tory members of parliament who voted for the war and not in violence against the men and women who were simply following orders.”

The leader of Luton Liberal Democrats, Councillor David Franks said “Nothing can be gained by allowing understandably strong feelings to be exploited by extremists or nationalists looking to promote their own divisive agenda. Now is the time for Luton citizens of all races, religions and heritage to demonstrate their unity, as we always have done, by standing shoulder to shoulder in our determination to resist those who seek to divide us.”

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