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Council’s “Core Plan” is Defeated

Luton’s Labour rulers have been told to draw up a different strategy for Luton for the next 5 years, after Councillors rejected their plans at a Full Council meeting on 21st April.

A draft Corporate Plan, with several errors and hordes of uncosted objectives, was thrown out by 22 votes to 21 – despite Labour normally having 26 councillors.

The administration suffered the embarrassing defeat as they were without suspended Deputy Leader Robin Harris, and four other Labour councillors also failed to attend.

Liberal Democrats say the Plan was unfit for several reasons – not least that it did not include key Manifesto promises that Labour made to the public that they have already broken, such as the promise to keep Council Tax Rises in Luton at or below the national average.

“The Plan put before us was clearly grafted together by Council officers, and had little in common with what Labour told voters 2 years ago, or the decisions they’ve made since.” says Liberal Democrat councillor Martin Pantling.

“There is a huge gap between the words in the Plan put before us, and what Labour actually do. Meanwhile, key promises such as keeping Council Tax rises below average didn’t appear anywhere in the document at all.”

Labour will now be forced to put a revised Plan to Council in July.

The Liberal Democrats want to see a more evidence-based, costed Plan; a review of priorities; and actions and decisions by Labour that support the aims proposed.

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