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Nothing much in Budget for residents of Luton say Liberal Democrats

The Budget will do nothing for ordinary residents of Luton, who have been clobbered by rising food, fuel and transport prices, local Liberal Democrat have said.

The Budget was criticised for failing to give much needed help to those struggling in recession by refusing to back Liberal Democrat calls to cut income tax by £700 for the vast majority of people.

Commenting Cllr Qurban Hussain said:

“As the cost of food, heating, water and transport continue to rise, families in Luton haven’t been given any practical help by the Government.”

“People who aren’t on huge salaries are noticing more and more of their cash is going on the basics. Gordon Brown should be putting money back into their pockets by cutting income tax for the vast majority of taxpayers by £700.”

“Britain’s taxes are too heavy on those who can least afford it and too easy to avoid for those who know how.”

“Labour is out of ideas and out of steam. This Government has condemned us to years of unemployment and a decade of debt. The country deserves something different.”

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