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Unnecessary 4% hike in Council Tax is “legalised mugging”

Liberal Democrat councillors say Luton residents have been hit with an unnecessary 4% hike in their Council Tax bills by the Labour controlled Council.

A report to the Council’s Executive on Monday 20th April shows the accounts for the financial year which ended on 31st March heading for a massive under-spend which will leave £6.5M in the bank unspent.

Liberal Democrat finance spokesperson, Councillor Sid Rutstein, is calling for taxpayers to be given a refund of unnecessary tax they have been made to pay.

“It is now clear that there was no need to increase Council tax at all this year and yet the Labour Council imposed one of the highest Council Tax increases in the Country,” says Councillor Rutstein.

“At Tuesday’s Council meeting I asked the Labour leader questions hoping she would agree that the above inflation 4% increase was not needed but she was unable to give any sensible answers.”

“Since she would not agree to give back the money her Labour administration has unnecessarily taken from Luton residents, she should now explain how she can justify having £6.5M left over unspent from last year – equivalent to an 11% Council Tax increase – and yet still imposing the completely unnecessary new 4% Council Tax increase.”

“The Council is sitting on £6.5M it didn’t need to take from taxpayers last year and is now taking another £2.4M it doesn’t need this year. This is legalised mugging. It’s no wonder she can afford to give herself an 87% pay increase.”

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