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Moran to stand down

As Luton South MP Margaret Moran announces she will stand down at the next general election, Liberal Democrat Qurban Hussain comments:

“She has lost what little credibility she had and it’s not right that she should continue to take her salary and allowances until the next election. She should go now and let Luton residents decide who they want to represent them.”

“She says she has not broken the rules. They all say they have not broken the rules, but they made the rules in the first place and resisted Liberal Democrat attempts to clean them up. If the rules allow this kind of behaviour then the rules are obviously wrong.”

“It’s quite right that people are outraged by the exposure of MPs expenses and the way Labour and Tory MPs voted together to try to keep the facts covered up. But it’s not just about expenses, our politics needs shaking up. We should have fixed term parliaments, the right to remove MPs who misbehave, a fair voting system, limits on donations to political parties and everything open to scrutiny. Daylight is the best form of disinfectant for politics.”

Asked if Esther Rantzen should stand at the next election he said “Of course Esther Rantzen should stand if that’s what she wants to do, isn’t that what democracy is all about? In a democracy anyone can stand as a candidate.”

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