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Twice found guilty…..Twice disgraced But re-elected deputy leader of the Council

Luton’s Labour led Council has reappointed twice disgraced and currently suspended councillor Harris as deputy leader of the Council.

At the Annual meeting of the Council on Tuesday 19th May the absent suspended Councillor was voted to the number two job on the Council by the Labour majority.

Found guilty in 2008 of accusing Liberal Democrat Councillors of being racist and found guilty again in March this year of abusive behaviour towards a Council official Councillor Harris was suspended from office for 3 months and is not allowed to carry out any act as a Councillor until 19th June.

“This demonstrates the low standards of behaviour the Labour Party expects from its senior members, it’s no surprise that Margaret Moran is in deep trouble,” says Liberal Democrat leader, David Franks.

“The real tragedy is that they only ever seem to be sorry when they have been found out. If they had any decency at all they would not tolerate such bad behaviour. But they’ve not only tolerated it, they’ve rewarded it. To reappoint a man twice found guilty, twice disgraced and currently suspended to a senior position is a gross insult to the people of Luton who are entitled to expect higher standards from those they elect to represent them.”

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