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Addressing the Liberal Democrat Conference, Luton South Parliamentary Candidate Qurban Hussain called for a new approach to the Afghan conflict to stabilise the region and to protect our troops.

Joining his Liberal Democrat colleagues in seeking a political solution to the conflict Mr Hussain said:

“We simply cannot let more and more of our troops to be killed and badly injured while the government in Westminster fails to understand the reality of the situation in Afghanistan. What they fail to recognise is that tt is vital that we seek a political solution alongside military intervention.

History shows us that military intervention alone is not the answer and it has put our brave troops in a position of continual danger that has now been going on for eight years.

This situation has to change and we must learn the lessons of history before another family hears the news that their child has paid the ultimate price for their loyalty, dedication and pride for our country.

It is therefore imperative that Britain plays a key role in seeking a regional peace agreement with Afghanistan and neighbouring countries to ensure a political solution to the conflict is reached as soon as possible.

The Liberal Democrats and I are dedicated towards reaching a lasting, peaceful resolution to the conflict that creates stability in the region and guarantees the safety of our troops.”


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