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Lib Dem Parlimentary Candidate Qurban Hussain has condemned the government for failing to fight for automotive workers’ jobs in Luton after new revelations emerged that even more of their jobs are set to be lost.

Car giant Magna is set to slash 1,100 jobs in the UK with many of them expected to be in their factories in Luton.

The German government acted quickly to help protect jobs in their country while the UK government has yet to protect Luton jobs with jobs intended to be lost in Germany now expected to be lost in the UK instead.

Reacting angrily to this news Cllr. Hussain has argued that while it was quick to save the jobs and bonuses of city bankers, like the Conservative government before it, the Labour government has failed to stand up and fight for the automotive industry and Luton and its workers.

Cllr. Hussain said:

“While the German government was swift to act to help save the jobs of its workers, our government has continually failed to help protect jobs in our area at a time when it needs be creating new ones.

The Labour government was quick to act to save the jobs of wealthy bankers, but why is it not doing the same for automotive workers in Luton?

The latest revelations about the government’s failure to support our area are further proof that they have little concern of what happens to our families and community.

Successive Conservative and Labour governments have continued to let the automotive industry in Luton decline and if we do not act now it may disappear altogether.

We can no longer trust the Labour government to fight for jobs in our area. What we need now is a government who is going to stand up for the workers in our area and protect their jobs during this increasingly difficult economic climate.

Only the Liberal Democrats are willing to fight to protect jobs in our community and to ensure a prosperous future for our workers.”

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