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Luton South Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Qurban Hussain has today spoken out against the government’s failure to properly provide for our troops and their families.

At present our front line troops receive less than the starting salary of a police officer, their technical resources are over stretched and underfunded and left three-quarters of service family accommodation in England are below the highest standard, with much of it in an unacceptable condition.

Speaking at the Liberal Democrat conference Mr Hussain demanded that our troops and their families are treated with the respect and gratitude they deserve by reaffirming as a country the military covenant that the Labour Government has failed to support.

Qurban says:

“The bravery, skill and professionalism of our Armed Services are some of our country’s greatest assets and their commitment and dedication is something that we are rightly all proud of.

On our behalf the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are in continual danger and yet the Labour government has continually failed to provide them with the financial, technical and moral support they truly deserve.

It is our duty to recognise and acknowledge the sacrifice our troops are making for us by raising their salary to a level that respects the seriousness of the job they are doing, providing them with the equipment necessary to do so and to reassure them by guaranteeing that their families will always have the highest standard of accommodation.

While economic times may be difficult there is never any excuse for not honouring the military covenant with our troops by supporting them and their families in every way we can. They deserve so much more than they are currently getting and it is our duty to ensure that they do.”

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