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Liberal Democrat Luton South Parliamentary candidate Qurban Hussain has this week urged the British government to do all it can to seek peace through dialogue over the dispute between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir dispute and the current conflict in Afghanistan.

Speaking at the Friends of Kashmir and Friends of Pakistan events at the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth Councillor Hussain, alongside Liberal Democrat MPs John Hemming and Paul Rowan and Liberal Democrat President Baroness Ros Scott, emphasised the need for continued dialogue between Pakistan, India and the Kashmiri leadership to seek a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

The speakers reminded India and Pakistan of their internationally made pledges and promises on the issue and the UN Security Council Resolutions that are still waiting to be implemented.

Councillor Hussain said:

“We are hearing all to often of reports of continuing human rights violations, rape, discovery of mass graves, the imprisonment of political leaders and the continued denial of the right of self-determination in the region.

This has to end. The region needs peace and we need to work together to ensure that is achieved. I was greatly encouraged to hear that my fellow Liberal Democrats are as committed to doing all that is necessary to work towards the end of this often bitter dispute”.

Later speaking about the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, Councillor Hussain later addressed conference in a debate about the need for a regional peace agreement to ensure a peaceful end to the conflict.

Supporting the Liberal Democrat motion to end the thirty years of war in Afghanistan and to help redevelop their economies to ensure peace in the region Councillor Hussain said afterwards:

“The Liberal Democrats and I are dedicated to ensuring a lasting, peaceful solution to the conflict in Afghanistan and surrounding countries with a Regional Peace Agreement.

To do this it is essential that we as a country seek constructive dialogue with all necessary parties in the region as it is clear that military conflict is making the situation worse and not better.

I had the honour to represent our area on these issues at conference and to address the conference debate which adopted as Liberal Democrat policy that we pursue peace through dialogue.

By adopting this policy as a government strategy we would no longer hear the tragic news that our troops or innocent civilians in the area have lost their life due to not addressing this issue peacefully.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party who offer this hope of change and have the necessary policies for a peaceful solution to this ongoing conflict.”

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